Precision Health Initiative

Team Leader: Anantha Shekhar, Associate Vice President for Clinical Affairs at IU and Executive Associate Dean for Research at the IU School of Medicine on the IUPUI campus.

Precision Health Initiative

Indiana University School of Medicine and its partner IU schools, along with external corporate participants, propose a bold plan within their Precision Health Initiative (PHI) grand challenge. The goal of the PHI grand challenge is to position IU among the leading universities in understanding and optimizing the prevention, onset, treatment, progression and health outcomes of human diseases through a more precise definition of the genetic, developmental, behavioral and environmental factors that contribute to an individual’s health. We will achieve this by building new research programs; generating novel discovery platforms; creating new and expanded degree, certificate, and professional medical education programs; and, most importantly, bringing transformative, patient-centered, precision medicine therapies and prevention into our clinical services. This initiative is designed to fully realize the vision of the Bicentennial Plan articulated by President McRobbie to improve the education, health, economy and quality of life of the people in Indiana. We have benefited greatly from the comments provided by the reviewers of the preproposal, and we believe the present full PHI proposal is a comprehensive approach to addressing this grand challenge.

Coordinated by a robust administrative structure, PHI will establish three major scientific pillars and two cross-cutting themes, operating as five integrated virtual clusters across IU. These clusters include Genomic Medicine; Cell, Gene and Immune Therapy; Chemical Biology and Biotherapeutics; Data and Informatics Sciences; and Psychosocial, Behavioral and Ethics. Additionally, each of the five PHI clusters will develop many new educational and degree programs to create the future workforce necessary for transforming health care across Indiana and beyond. The initiative will also create a comprehensively-characterized Precision Health Participant Cohort of subjects who will provide a rich resource for longitudinal data collection, population based outcome studies, and many future biomarker and disease mechanism discoveries. We believe that PHI will make IU a leader in this exciting area of health sciences, and have a transformative effect not only on IU, but also on the health, well-being and economy of Indiana.

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Introducing Precision Medicine - January 2016